5 Reasons Why A woman Dumps a Man

A Posted 2 years ago
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With each relationship, you hope that this might be ‘the one’; you never expect to be faced with a breakup. However, what you want and what you get can be surprisingly different things. At times the breakup might be abrupt, while other times you might see it coming. Whatever the case may be, there is always a reason behind it. Whether the reason is good enough or not, is a whole different story.

Women being the more complex gender may often have interesting reasons behind breaking up with a guy. Even though their reasons are never the same, here a few common ones;

  1. Trust issues

People don’t trust easily, especially women. It’s only natural to look out for yourself, and to protect yourself from any sort of disappointment. Cheating is one of the reasons why men lose women’s trust, but it’s not the only reason. For some women, it means the end of the relationship. A very few women tend to excuse infidelity the first time, if their man profusely apologises and promises to remain faithful, but; once a cheater, always a cheater.

Then there are the lies. It’s very difficult to be around someone who constantly lies. How can you be sure of anything he says? If he’s lying, he definitely has something to hide.

Unfulfilled promises also result in lack of trust. A slip every now and then is excusable (if it is reasonable), but if a guy’s words never fall in line with his actions, he cannot be trusted.

  1. Control issues

Even if a guy is the dominant kind, he has to adjust himself in a relationship. You cannot simply take charge of the relationship, or your girl either. Relationships are fundamentally about sharing practically everything, including important decisions, finances etc. We are all at liberty to be in control of our lives, but that is far as the controlling streak should be allowed to extend, anything beyond that would only push people away from you. Any woman would feel suffocated being in a relationship with a controlling man. She wouldn’t stand being constantly told how to live her life, and what she is or isn’t allowed to do.