Moving On Is Necessary If You Want To Live Your Life

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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The thought of moving on seems relatively simple when we don't have anything to move on from. Right now, one who doesn't have anything in their past which left a huge impact on them, think that moving on is really simple.

Honestly? Moving on is the hardest thing a person can ever do.

This isn't to discourage you from actually moving on because, as the article suggests, moving on is an obligation if you want to live life to its fullest. When we're told to let go of something, just which can be an overwhelming thing. Imagine how hard it must be to completely move on i.e. leave that in the past.

Here's an example to help you grasp the idea a little better, I have to move quite often because of my job and thus have to completely adjust to a brand new environment after a mere 3-4 years. This means a HUGE change after almost just enough time to adjust to the previous change. At first it seemed really swell; I mean new places are always on top of everyone's bucket list. However, later on I realized that it's hard.

I began to isolate myself from everyone else and began to focus on work. I refused to socialize with anyone because that's what I thought would be simpler than facing changes. See? Because of one or two unpleasant experiences where the change was worse than I expected, I refused to embrace changes of any sort. What I thought would make life easier for me, ended up making me feel like I was missing something. - Continue reading on next page