A Letter to my future Partner- I just can’t wait to fall in Love with You

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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I just can’t wait to meet you and spend my tomorrow with you. And not just tomorrow, but all the days that follow it. I just can’t wait to finally reach a point in my life where I can proudly say, “This is my final plan.” The point where I can let out a huge sigh and find relief in knowing that all the heartbreaks, pain, and sorrow I endured in the past were all actually worth it. The point where I can break free from all the rocks thrown in my path, all the condescending stares, and all the people who keep trying to bring me down. The point where I can truly smile because finally, I have someone and some place I can call home.

I just can’t wait to wake up to the sight of your face by my side, with the sun making it shine, with your eyes opening slightly, and with your silly little smile that made me fall for you.

We would take turns at cooking each other a breakfast in bed. We would take a day off from work just to spend a lazy day in bed together. We would take a trip to the store, just to have a little fun. We would play with the items and the groceries in our basket, until a saleslady nearby starts to scold us. We would come up with our best serious face to tell her we’re sorry, only to start laughing about it minutes later.

We would be each other’s best friends, doing the silliest things together. We would spend an entire day binge watching movies, comfortably tucked on our big couch, holding each other as close as possible. Once every week, we would set up a romantic candle light dinner at home, or go out on a fancy dinner date. We would make love as soon as we get home. And talk about everything that’s on our mind afterwards, until we start to fall in a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

I just can’t wait to have arguments with you either.

Because with every little argument we have, we’ll start to recognize the differences we share. And through these differences, we’ll learn to celebrate them, to make compromises about them, or to simply make them work somehow. We’ll be just like any normal (Read: complicated) couple, but we will also be extraordinary in all our own little ways. - Continue reading on next page