Never do these 13 things unless you’re ready to be in a relationship

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Please save the other person's feelings and don't get involved unless you start doing these things!

Being in a relationship has more duties than you officially realize. Sure, it is all rainbows and sunshine; but the going to long walks hand in hand with the moon and stars as your guides, having candlelight dinners and funny Valentines - all of that stays fresh and fun to do for a while. But alongside all these things, there are responsibilities you have to fulfil so that the relationship stays strong enough to have all those fun things for.

There are traits you need to be sure you possess before you take the major step of starting a life with someone. It can overwhelming at times, having to cope with their issues alongside yours. Are you sure you are ready for that? There will be loads of compromises you have to make for the sake of your partner’s happiness.

Are you sure you want to? A whole lot of others things need to be check-listed before you go on to make major relationship decisions, such as moving in together. He might want to move to a new place altogether. You might want to get a new, less hectic job once you both are committed to each other.

The choices are endless, time not so much. Therefore, you have a small window to evaluate your haves and have-nots if you really want to be with someone. Whether your partner is too demanding of you or not, you need to consider that as well and criss-cross your plans with that. All such things combined will tell you if you are ready to the step and get into a serious relationship.

So here are a few things you should never do unless you think you are actually ready to commit yourself to the relationship. If you think you are there then sure, take the leap of faith and start a good, healthy relationship with the person you love. Otherwise, consider giving yourself some time to be ready for such things.

  1. Socialise with new people

When you fully commit to someone in a relationship, you kind of commit to everyone else associated with them. Their parents, grandparents, cousins, relatives and friends etc. So get ready to socialise with a whole bunch of new people. That can be overwhelming. It is something you will not be able to do like the back of your hand unless and until you’re sure you want to commit yourself to the relationship.

  1. Be really selfless

Never settle for a relationship if you cannot stand at that level where you care more about that person than you do for yourself. You will have to go on loads of dates with them; buy them cute presents on every occasion; look after them no matter how busy your own life is and so forth. That is a big responsibility now, one you cannot fulfil properly if you aren’t ready. - Continue reading on the next page