I’m Never The girl That You End Up Choosing

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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I’m the girl no one actually wants.

I’m the girl who’s too open. The girl who sees the sky and gets reminded of a memory, and then inquires what the sky in Paris looks like on a day just like today. The girl who openly points out her own flaws and wants to talk about yours too, but only in a search to make ourselves better.

The girl who keeps changing- where one day, I’m vibrant and outspoken, never missing a moment to smile. And the next, I start to drown in my own pool of depression, where everything starts to seem foggy, until I can’t even see my own hand right in front of my face.

So you turn back and retreat for shelter from fear of getting wet, even though I’m the one standing alone in the storm. And the next day, I’ll dance in the rain. But you won’t be there to share this dance with me.

I’m the girl who never gives up. When I desire something or someone bad enough, I do everything in my power to make it mine. I’m the girl who might come off as needy or desperate at times because I’m not afraid to admit when I start to get lonely in this big world of ours.

I’m the girl who will climb Mount Everest and trek all the way to the Sahara Desert only to experience the complete beauty of this world. I’m the girl who looks for her life’s meaning in excitement and travelling. - Continue reading on next page