Never Go Back to the Person Who Broke You

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Don’t let it happen in a single moment of weakness where you’re feeling lonely and just need someone familiar to be there and comfort you. Don’t let it happen when you’re drowning away your sorrows and your pain in a bottle, and you type a text message that will make you hate yourself the very next morning.

Don’t let it happen because you’ve started believing you can never do better and that they’re still near enough for you to reach out, but far enough that they just might be able to get away.

Don’t go back to them because you’re heartbroken, or sad, or lonely. Because the person who broke you in the first place isn’t the one who’s going to fix all the broken pieces and put your heart back together.

You go back, and you start to think that things will be different this time around. You think they’ve finally changed. You think things are not the way they were before. You think you’ve both grown as individuals by now. But the truth is nothing has changed at all. And it probably never will.

There is still a very good chance of you getting hurt again. Because no matter what you make yourself believe, it is possible to get your heart-broken more than once by the very same person.

You might believe they’re different now. You might believe it when they promise you they’ve changed. And in the beginning, they might even be able to cover up who they truly are. They might fool you into believing things will turn out different this time around. But the truth is people don’t really change. - Continue reading on next page