Never let your girl go if she has these 7 qualities

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
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If she can make you laugh even when you feel like crying, SHE IS THE ONE!
  1. She is optimistic

Very few people in the world are blessed enough to stay optimistic even after all the hardships life throws their way. Have you started to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty since the day she walked into your life? Does her positive vibe automatically make you begin to smile a little brighter every time she walks into the room? Is she the kind of person who has the ability to find a silver lining no matter how bad a situation might be?

If the answer to all or even one of these questions is a yes, then this girl is definitely a keeper. She is the girl who will always be your rock. The girl who will stay strong in the moments when you can’t. The girl who will start to make your life better just by being a part of it.

  1. She supports all your goals and dreams

Everyone hopes to figure out what they truly want in life. Everyone wants to discover that one thing that has the power to keep them happy forever. Everyone wants to determine what the purpose of their life really is. And in this process of figuring everything out, everyone sets certain goals and dreams that they wish to achieve. If you have found a girl who is ready to support you no matter how crazy or unrealistic your goals and dreams might be, then her support alone might just be enough for you to find the strength and patience to achieve them. - Continue reading on the next page