8 things all ‘nice guys’ who can’t get a girl need to learn

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Here are eight things all ‘nice guys’ who can’t get a girl need to learn:

1) Stop claiming to be the nice guy who will finish last.

You moan. You whine. And you keep lamenting about how the nice guys always finish last, as if that’s actually a good thing. You are just crying for your attention when you say this. And you wait for me to reply with something like: “Yeah, being a nice person is a really good thing. The right girl will come around one day!” just to get a little hope.

But you and I are both well aware that you just want to validate all your insecurities as the guy who really wants a girl but has no idea about how he can get one. You are NEVER going to get a girl if you keep victimizing yourself as the nice guy, the guy who has accepted the idea that he will finish last. You actually want a girl? Then keep aiming for the first place.

2) Being nice doesn’t imply that you’re weak

Being nice doesn’t automatically mean that you have to be weak. Stop replying with “yes” even in situations where deep down inside, you know the right answer is “no”. Stop going out of your way just to give favors to the people who will never appreciate you.

Stop waiting five hours for a girl who will always be late to meet you. Stop backing away from situations where you need to stand up for yourself. A girl is never going to fall for a guy whose only quality is being nice. She needs you to be worthy of her respect as well. - Continue reading on next page