One Day, You’re Going To Meet Someone Who Will Never Leave You

A Posted a year ago
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One day you’re going to meet someone who will look at you like no other person has ever looked at you before. This person will see you for who you really are and love every aspect of it. Your beauty and your charm will bring this person to a kneel. This person is going to be able to see your flaws and not ignore them; but love them unconditionally. This person understands that your flaws are part of what makes you the person that you are. One day, you’re going to get to experience what unconditional love feels like and you will realize that there’s no feeling quite like it.

We’re all deserving of love, but none of us are entitled to it. Everyone single one of us deserves the chance to experience the kind of love that takes the breath away and makes the heart race; however, not all of us are lucky enough to get to experience it. A lot of us will try our hand at love and not have things go exactly the way that we envision it to. Relationships can take a turn for the worst, and it can be emotionally draining trying to steer the ship away from the iceberg of life. Sometimes, relationships will just go beyond our control and there’s not much we can do about it except to move forward; and so we do. It’s wired in our DNA to always want to move forward. It may take a longer time for some than others, but what’s important is that we never allow ourselves to stay stuck in the past. That kind of attitude deprives us of the opportunity to enjoy the present, and to get excited by the future. Don’t let a bad relationship experience keep you from the joy of finding that love story that you really deserve.

One day, you’re going to meet someone who will never leave you or make you feel unimportant. When this person looks at you, it will be like you’re the only person in the world. One day, all your fears will be wiped away completely and you will know that it’s just safe smooth sailing from here on out. That person will walk into your life as nonchalantly as others, and you won’t automatically see it at first, but you’ll feel that there’s something there. This person will take a similar approach as the others that came prior, but you’ll know that there’s just something different this time around. You feel the conversations are just more natural and organic. You find yourself feeling a lot giddier and your mood is just generally good all of a sudden. You develop an optimistic outlook on life. You love the person you’re becoming and it’s all because you know that there’s someone out there who will appreciate everything that you’re doing. You start feeling braver and more willing to try out new things. Adventures and uncertainty no longer scare you because you know that someone has your back throughout the entirety of whatever ordeal you’re going to have to face. - Continue reading on the next page