11 things people around you won’t realize you are doing because of your depression

Misty Renee Posted 6 months ago
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For any of our readers who are suffering from this devastating mental illness, please always know that you are not alone. You are stronger than you might think. If you feel completely helpless, don’t shy away from professional help.

Because whatever the conditions might be and wherever life takes you, there is always, always, a bit of hope.

And for those of you who know someone who might be suffering from this, we hope this article will help you understand them better and will enable you to provide them with the kind of support they need from you during this difficult time.

  1. You do everything in your power to just hide the fact that you have it

When a person suffers from depression, they try their best to convince themselves that everything is completely fine. They will put on a fake smile wherever they go. And their friends might even end up envying the kind of energy and enthusiasm they always seem to have. But on the inside? You feel drained. You feel lost. And you feel incredibly sad.

  1. You end up lashing out at loved ones

You might end up losing your temper over the tiniest of things- things that other people wouldn’t even bat an eye for. You’ve been harboring so much negative energy inside your mind and heart. And sometimes, lashing out on someone is the only way you can get all of it out. - Continue reading on next page