5 power moves every girl needs to pull if she ever wants a REAL Relationship

Every girl I know has whined to me at one point or the other about how dating is so damn hard/sucks/is the complete worst/makes her want to be a nun! And this uphill battle of discovering any compatible prospective partners in our life has only become harder with all these new age dating apps that more or less end up leading you towards the exact opposite of what you wanted.

But have you ever thought about the absolute worst concept that has surfaced in the past few years over the single world? The “hanging out” epidemic! The current generation of 20 somethings has played its part in leaving behind the traditional dating concepts, only to stay confused about whether they’re in an actual relationship or “just hanging out”.

If you’re a girl who hopes to never get caught up in this state of ambiguity again, and if your only wish is to find an honest and real relationship, just try out these five simple tactics.

  1. Deactivate all the free “dating” apps in your phone 

Tinder, OkCupid, even Hinge (Because, really, how much is this crap ever going to help you?). If you’re truly serious about sharing an actual and meaningful relationship with someone, there’s a very high chance that trying to find something like that through all these free apps will be a huge waste of your time and efforts.

I’m not saying that no one has ever been able to find true love or at least some kind of love through these apps, but I’m pretty sure that the ratio of awkward and mostly sexual encounters to long-lasting and fulfilling relationships through these apps is not even close to being even. Most of the people who use these apps are horny, bored, or just not willing to place any real efforts.

They’re just people who want to pass some time, so don’t get all pissed when your new prospect’s idea of a perfect date is “coming over”! Because that’s all on you then. – Continue reading on next page