Power Of Secrets - They Can Break or Make A Relationship

EK Posted 2 years ago
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A successful relationship is one in which both the partners can tell each other anything and everything. Relationships are built on trust and sincerity. Love and trust go side by side in a relationship. You can always love the person you trust, in the same way you cannot continue to love a person whom you don’t trust anymore.

When you withhold any facts and you keep them as secrets from your partner, you create a barrier between you and your partner. These secrets will affect your emotional and intimate relations with your partner to a greater extent.

1. Secrets Can Destroy Relationships

Secrets and lies can destroy relationships. No matter how careful and cautious you are, your lie will be caught some day. Secrets are bound to be exposed, one way or the other. So you can never be 100 % sure that your partner will not know about your secret. Secrets have very devastating impacts on relationships.