The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook

SB Posted 2 years ago
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Every other day, we come across a post on Facebook with a couple busy publicly shaming each other and with no remorse whatsoever. I don’t know, maybe they do so for the fun of it. Screenshots are taken and they become viral. Memes are made and, according to me, lives are destroyed. It’s not funny to take your personal matters to social media unless it is something that would affect the public and people need to be warned.

For example, the given person might have been a criminal, and then it would be your responsibility to warn people around you but don’t go to Facebook for petty matters. I don’t remember once that my partner shamed me on social media in any way. Any person who takes their problems to social media looks like a maniac, here are a list of things you should consider next time you take your problems to social media.

  1. The person you targeted gets disgraced but so do you

Okay, so the next time you decide to take a fight to Facebook, keep in mind that it is your Facebook. Your account is a reflection of who you are in real life. If people see you handling situations in such a poor way, they will have things to say about you and most of them won’t be nice.

It has a negative impact on the people in your account. Remember. when you point one finger on someone, three fingers point right back at you. Imagine you meet this really nice guy who you later on ends up adding on Facebook, when he sees the shaming carried out by you he will immediately be intimidated by it. You will instantly become non-girlfriend material! - Continue reading on next page