Reasons why a relationship without stereotype gender roles is the best relationship

EK Posted 2 years ago
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When we were growing up, we have seen fathers going out of home for work and mothers always tended to the household chores; cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids etc. These were the stereotype gender roles that have been ruling the institution of marriage.

However, the last few decades have seen a major change in the stereotype gender roles for married couples. The financial pressures, modern lifestyle, women empowerment and gender egalitarianism led to a society where both partners are required to swap their gender specific roles and responsibilities.

Today, most married couples share a mutual understanding; they equally share responsibilities to support each other and to support and comfort their family as a whole. Both life partners are considerate towards each other and switch their traditional gender roles when the need arrives. They participate equally in house hold chores, jobs, out-of-home duties, baby sitting and all household labour tasks.

A relationship without stereotype gender roles is more successful and fulfilling. There are many reasons why we should go for a relationship where partners are not bound to gender-specific roles. Some of the most convincing reasons are given below:

1. You Get To Spend Time Together

While cooking, cleaning, laundry and other such house hold chores have long been related to women, today, many couples enjoy doing these tedious tasks together. The main advantage of doing these together as a couple is that you get to spend more time together.

One of my colleagues told me that he enjoys cooking with his better half; they get to know each other's food preferences, they talk about their daily routines, they get a closer interaction overall.