8 Damn Good Reasons Why Women Should Start Asking Men Out On Dates

girl proposing

Times have changed. Today’s woman is far more independent than ever, she is strong enough to support her family single-handedly and she is progressing in every field.

Women are undertaking ventures and taking up challenges that their fore-mothers couldn’t have ever thought of. Taking on an equal share with men in every field, succeeding in corporate sectors and heading a family as a single parent; women have proven themselves to be as strong as men.
When we expect a woman to embrace every challenge in her life strongly, why can’t we accept the fact that even a woman can ask her crush out on a date?
If you are a strong woman, who is in control of her life than what’s wrong in taking control of your love life? A strong woman has thousands of virtuous reasons to ask a man out on date.

1. You Have The Power To Change The Norm

A few decades ago, it wasn’t normal for women to get into relationships with men prior to their wedding or to start living-in with their guy without getting into a marriage contract. But over time, the norms have changed. You have the power; you did it before and you can surely do it now. So, change this stereotypical norm and start asking men out yourself.