Reasons you’ve never been in love, according to your Zodiac sign

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Ever wonder why you've never been in love? There's nothing wrong with you.

Every person is different from the other, yet that one thing which makes us all the same is our resilient need and urge to love and be loved. While it may not be all rainbows and sunshine, for some of us, falling in love and then staying in it is the hardest things to do of all. Many people look for love without knowing they have already found it; many reject it without knowing they do not have that kind of luxury and yet still others find it exceptionally hard to be in love – not because of the difficulties they have to face in the name of love but because of themselves, their inherent nature.

No one can change who they are and there is only so much you can run away from the person you really are. That being said, some people find it hard to fall in love because of their certain personality traits that prove to be coming in the way of them being in love for long enough.

Much like other aspects of life, this aspect is also looked upon, analyzed and explained well enough by astrology. According to its rules and such, every zodiac sign has some unique points of view which, when it comes to matters of the heart, just do not let them be…let them fall in love, stay in love and live it fully.

It is not the way these signs feel but just the way they are which makes it very hard for them to love and be loved. It might be the over analytical and over critical nature of a Virgo, or the closed up nature of a Cancer; the ego of a Leo or the spontaneous approach of a Sagittarius to subtle matters in love, which place them in a difficult position to be in love for a considerable amount of time.

Following are some major reasons as to why the zodiac signs cannot fall in love or stay in it, in case they already have given their hearts to another. Even though astrology looks at these reasons in-depth, they are not the absolute end to these signs and there is always more than meets the eye so it doesn’t just end here. Love is a complex issue, and it means different things to different people. Therefore, the reasons some exhibit of never sailing in that ship are different and vast.


(March 21st to April 19th)

Freedom means a great deal to Aries. Being born under this sign, you most likely expect being in love and being all independent and free to be mutually exclusive. When in reality, if you are in love with the right person and for the right reasons instead of it being a too one-sided thing then you will indeed experience all the colors and feels of independency… all the while being fully committed to the one you love.

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