7 Relationship Traps that Healthy Couples Avoid At All Costs

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Here are a few relationship traps that all of the couples should avoid at all costs.

No two relationships are the same. Sometimes, it follows its own natural progression and nourishes over time, but other times, a relationship needs careful consideration and efforts in order to nourish and grow overtime.

Whether your relationship is based on the natural progression or on the genuine hard work and focus, there are a few relationship traps that all of the couples should avoid at all costs.

  1. Trust

Trust takes a long time to be cultivated but it takes a millisecond to be broken. Make sure that you do not break each other’s sacred trust. It is one of the founding pillars of any relationship. Without trust, sooner or later, the relationship tumbles and falls like a skyscraper that has a weak foundation.

Trust comes in different aspects. It can come in the form of loyalty and in the form of never lying to your partner. Trust is also a two-way street; you know trust those who put their trust in you. A loving partnership is just that, a partnership. Two people have to work together in order to cultivate trust and water it regularly. Without trust, there is no lasting relationship.

Moreover, Gottman's research on the subject of trust in the relationships concluded that it also impacts the physical health. It was a longitudinal study that spanned 20 years and found out that 58% of the men in “untrusting” relationships died and only 20% of the men in “trusting” group died. All the couples out there, if you don’t believe us then believe the numbers.

  1. Anger

Anger is a part of every relationship. However, healthy partners deal with the anger reasonably. They do not let it go through the roof. Instead, they focus on reaching a mutually beneficial solution. Staying in anger is another phenomenon that traps otherwise happy couples. Anger should be weeded out as soon as possible and a way to do that is talk about it objectively while considering both sides of the problem that caused anger in the first place. - Continue reading on the next page