Just Say ‘No’ if your girlfriend ever asks any of these 50 Questions

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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  1. In your opinion, is it possible for us to just fall out of love someday?

  2. During our relationship, have you ever felt the temptation to cheat on me?

  3. Has the sex ever been this amazing for you with somebody else?

  4. Do you still end up imagining any of your exes while jerking off sometimes?

  5. Do you think monogamy would be hard for us in the long-term?

  6. Is (insert any name) hotter than me?

  7. If I tell you it’s okay for you to sleep with anyone you like, would you be excited? You can tell me the truth…

  8. Did you ever cheat on someone you were serious with?

  9. Was your ex better than me in bed?

  10. Did you ever have thoughts about leaving me? Even for just a second?

  11. Are you imagining what it would be like to bang that hot girl who just walked past us?

  12. Do you ever mentally undress any random beautiful girls you pass by on the street?

  13. Do you and your group of friend discuss all the women you’ve fucked like it’s some kind of achievement?

  14. Do you and your friends ever sit around and rate women on their ‘assets’?

  15. Have you ever loved anyone the way you love me?

  16. Have you ever wanted to go to those happy ending massage parlors?

  17. Are you one of those guys who love going to strip clubs?

  18. Would you be okay with sleeping with a prostitute?

  19. Is it okay to ghost on people, in your opinion?

  20. Do you get annoyed when I say “make love” instead of “hook up” or “fuck”?

  21. When you talk to your friends about me, did you ever tell them about that (insert extremely awkward and embarrassing private moment)?

  22. Do you ever still have thoughts about the girl you lost your virginity to?

  23. If you ever got the opportunity to hook up with your celebrity crush, would you be up for it?

  24. Do you have fantasies about other women?

  25. Will you ever trade me for a ‘newer model’ some day?

  26. Do you ever just feel like watching porn instead of having sex with me?

  27. Can we have a discussion about why you even dated (Insert ex’s name)?

  28. Do you hate it when we hold hands?

  29. Do you feel embarrassed when we act all lovey dovey in public?

  30. Do you hate it when you have to hang out with my friends?

  31. Do you think I’m going to turn out exactly like my mom?

  32. Have you ever had thoughts on what it would be like to fuck my sister? Or even my mom?

  33. Does masturbating feel more satisfying than having sex with me at times?

  34. Do you ever feel like you’re not in the mood to have sex, but just specifically with me?

  35. Have you ever glanced at me and just pretended to yourself that I was a different person altogether?

  36. Have you ever glanced at me and then ended up wishing that I was just a little bit hotter?

  37. Do you fantasize about other women while we’re doing it?

  38. Do you ever feel resentful towards me when I make you spoon right after sex?

  39. Do you think I’ve gained weight since the first time we met?

  40. Have you ever wished to just be single again?

  41. If we had a breakup right now, would you begin dating right away?

  42. Would you sign up at Tinder as soon we would end things?

  43. If a really hot girl shoved you towards a corner, pulled your pants down, and started giving you a blowjob, would you allow her to keep doing it?

  44. Do you flirt with other girls just for fun when you’re out without me?

  45. Do you think an emotional affair shouldn’t be called cheating?

  46. Do you get why people are so crazy after that guy Dan Bilzerian?

  47. Do you sometimes wish that I should give you more blowjobs?

  48. Does any other couple have it as great as us?

  49. Do you think you’ll ever get tired of us…or this?

  50. Are my questions kind of annoying?

  51. Talk to me

  52. Have you been asked these questions?