Scorpio Season is here: A look at what your Zodiac Sign says about your relationships

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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Is your Zodiac Sign compatible with your partner’s? How is it possible to make a relationship work well with any sign? Your love horoscope will help you in understanding relationships and romance through the eyes of astrology.

Scorpios have a date of birth between 23rd October to 21st November. What exactly is a Scorpio like in matters of love and relationships?

A Scorpio will go straight for some extremely intense bonding. When they’re really in love, they will be playing for keeps. There is never a middle ground for a Scorpio- so you’re either in forever or you’re out. In fact, this sign has quite a reputation. It is known as the ‘sex’ sign: Controlling, jealous, obsessive, irresistible… it’s all there!

Scorpio is an extremely passionate sign- one that can prove to be truly intense. One moment, you will act completely aloof and mysterious. You will drive your partner crazy as they keep vying to catch your constantly-shifting attention. And in the very next moment, you will find yourself committed in a long-term relationship. You are a sign that will always rule the extremes. And you tend to run hotter and colder than most other signs. Let’s take Scorpio Matthew McConaughey as the perfect example. Voted as People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, this guy can easily be seen as the ultimate bachelor AND the world’s most loyal and devoted boyfriend. You can’t really help it that you’re this ‘versatile’!

Scorpios can be very suspicious of their partners. They won’t trust their partner easily and they will keep fighting intimacy every step of the way. Love can be both tempting as well as frightening to them. Deep down inside, they long to give themselves completely to that one true soulmate. And when they finally find a dynamic and powerful partner, they feel both threatened and intrigued by them. They have absolutely no time for pushovers. And as the Zodiac’s most passionate sign, they need a person who can hold their ground and keep them guessing. - Continue reading on next page