Scorpios are the Best and Most Difficult to Love – 15 Reasons Why

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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If you happen to be born between October 24thand November 22nd, your zodiac sign is the fierce and powerful Scorpio. Being one, your common personality traits include being straightforward, less talkative but speaking to the point, loyalty, utter devotion to your loved ones and a knack for getting angry and defensive when it’s on something that matters.

Holding grudges for a long time is also something common in Scorpios. These are just a bunch of the reasons which accumulate to being in a relationship with a Scorpio both difficult and fun at the same time. They can be a hard nut to crack and to love, but if you put in the time to earn their trust and affection, it will be well worth it and you will get more in return.

Here are the most common reasons why commitment to a Scorpio can be the hardest and the best experience of your life.

  1. They are independent

It is not that Scorpios have anything against you, when they refuse to take help from you. But they just value their independency too much, and depending on others just does not feel right to them. Although it sure feels good to feel needed in a relationship but when it comes to a Scorpio, you might not be getting too much of that feeling.

That does not mean they will dislike you offering a helping hand nonetheless. Knowing they can do it themselves yet having you care enough about them to offer some assistance will win their heart over and the next thing you know, they will always be there for you whether you ask them to or not.

They will shower all their time and devotion on you, once you realize their need of independency instead of taking it the wrong way and labelling them as too self-absorbed or something. - Continue reading on next page