How to pave your way back to a relationship which deserves a second chance

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Sometimes, a breakup is inevitable. No matter how much you tell yourself that you love your partner, the circumstances refuse to allow you to keep on loving them. In no way is this article telling you to get back together with your cheating, lying or abusive ex because the furthest thing from your mind is to even consider allowing them back into your life let alone actually 'win' them back.

This article is directed to all of those people who lost their partners because of reasons such as conflicting time schedules or misunderstandings. Basically, things that weren't in your control at that time but now, they are manageable and you regret breaking up.

Here are some of the do's and don'ts of getting back together with your ex. Sometimes, what we think might be helping, actually is only pushing our ex farther and further away.

1. Give them space:

The most crucial thing to do after a breakup is to give your partner their space. Sometimes, you only realise how much you loved someone after you've lost them. It worked for you and you're here reading this now. If you have faith in the relationship and believe that the breakup was untimely and/or uncalled for.

You believe that it was something done in the heat of the moment and neither one of you was thinking straight but now, after you got some space, you've realised that and are starting to regret breaking up.

Your ex needs the same space. They need to accept what you've accepted, by themselves, and not because you're constantly calling or texting them. If you think that by texting or calling them you'll only be conveying to them how both of you were wrong to breakup then trust me you'll never get them back. Let them arrive to the same conclusion themselves.