Sexual harassment in Public - Guys vs Girls

F J Posted 2 years ago
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At times, to stand against something wrong or to stand for something right, we work at extremities, and here is the thing about extremes - nothing GOOD will ever come out of it.
In our beliefs, our daily practices, day-to-day observation, we slowly form perceptions and judgments about people, races, sexes and every differentiating thing we can find out there, that is the harsh reality of how every human being’s psyches works.

But here is another reality of humans, they observe, realise, undo, adapt and become better people! Here specifically, I am talking about feminism. Why in order to give women more respect do we forget to respect men equally? Why does it have to be an imbalance, a biasness towards one of the sexes at a time?

I am a woman, and I do not agree with statements like, ‘Women and men are equals’. Now, don’t get me wrong but I disagree with this because it is an incomplete statement. The statement I agree with is, 'Men and women are equal in their rights but not in their roles.'

When it comes to rights, no man has superiority over women and no woman has superiority over men. Women were once oppressed and have been trying hard to prove that they shouldn’t be (which I agree with). The fight for feminism has long been fought but, to be honest, we have over done it so much so that we ourselves have become what we were standing against.

We in our efforts to prove that no man holds superiority over us, have somehow, unconsciously, made us act as if we are superior over them, again UNCONSCIOUSLY.

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