5 Reasons - If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Argue, She Probably Doesn’t Love You

SB Posted 2 years ago
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Arguments are important!

Women are short tempered and we can't actually digest everything that comes our way. Just the other day, my partner went out with his friends without letting me know and I threw an absolute fit! Let me clarify why, I am not the obnoxious, self obsessed, overly possessive kind of a person, I love the me time I get when my partner goes out with his friends.  He has spoiled me in every way possible and he always picks up when I call, he went on a hike and the connection was really bad I couldn't call him for six hours straight. I was so concerned, being a pessimist I thought of the most awful of things that could have happened to him. By the time he picked up, I was in tears. See, I am so concerned about him and our relationship that I sometimes end up over reacting.

What I mean to say is that being a woman, I have issues, I get angry, I struggle and face dilemmas. The natural coping mechanism for us women is to argue, with all of the hormonal changes we go thorough every month we easily end up feeling insecure about one thing or the other. We stop beating our heads around things we don't care about anymore. If your girl isn't fussing about the following things, you might need to work on your relationship.

1. She doesn't freak out when you don't make contact

She doesn't care whether you call her or not. If you are unresponsive, she tends to become equally unresponsive, when you get back she doesn't beat a sweat and carries on like nothing happened. You might be expecting a blowout but she remains calm in an unsettling way.