8 signs your amazing boyfriend is going to be an even more amazing father one day

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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When you’re in a relationship and you’re truly aware of how incredible your guy is, it doesn’t take long for a girl to start imagining what he would be like if you two were married. And even if that’s the last thing on your mind at the moment, you WILL wonder what kind of dad he could be to your children. Would he be a strict dad? Would he be the fun guy? The one who your children are scared of or the one who they can talk to about anything?

Well, if you need some guidance to confirm that you’ve found a perfect dad for your future children, then look closely for these attributes in your partner:

  1. He pays attention to everything- from the main stories to the tiny little details

Whether it’s asking about your aunt who fell ill last week to remembering every detail of the story you told him ages ago (when you thought he probably isn’t even listening) to sending you flowers on your first day at work, he is there to notice, remember and take care of it all. And if he can tend to all your emotional and physical needs in this short time you’ve been together, he’s bound to take care of his own children the same way.

He’ll keep a check on what kind of friends your child has, what your child likes or dislikes and he’ll be there to attend all the result days, sports meets, and pretty much every place his child would need him.

  1. He’s fun and playful

He doesn’t leave a chance to tell silly jokes or make you laugh like crazy in a tickling fight or spontaneously decide to go someplace you’ve never been to. This lively approach of his will play out well when your children will need a friend, someone to act stupid with, and someone who’ll let them explore and try out new things. - Continue reading on next page