21 Signs You're With A Great Boyfriend

A Posted a year ago
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Being in a relationship is a very challenging thing. Things get messy, people’s feelings get hurt and so forth. Those committed to each other have to go through various forms of tests and fights. Misunderstandings and disappointments arise much too often, which have to be resolved. Many things need to be considered when involved in a relationship. But despite all that, if you have a boyfriend who will understand you no matter how cranky you get, a guy that will love and accept you all his heart and soul – all of that and more can be the best signs that you have a great boyfriend.

Telling if he is just in it for his own pleasure or whether he really loves you and cares about you, it can be a bit confusing sometimes. Human intentions are pretty multi-faceted, so it is always best to have some clues to the meanings they might or might not hold.

For that purpose, here we sum up some basic signs that can help you give an idea that your boyfriend is not just holding on to you for the fun of it, but is a good guy with genuine feelings of care and affection for you.

  1. He is your biggest fan

They say when your man is not your biggest fan, he is not your man to begin with. This is to say that when the best of things and circumstances knock on your door, your guy is the first one who is there for you, who appreciates you in all the ways he can, who shows how proud he is of you and all that you have accomplished and the first one to celebrate your good moments with you.

When you feel down, he will be the first one to cheer you up. In a way, he will idolise you with all the best of what he has to offer you. He may not hold the cheerleading pompoms for you but he will still be the first one to tell everyone else about your tiniest to biggest successes and achievements.

He will make you feel like the center of attention, the one under the spotlight and a superstar. That is only because he appreciates your growth as a person and wants you to never forget that someone out there is actually proud of your accomplishments in life.  - Continue reading on next page