5 things that tell you if he/she is serious about you

A Posted 2 years ago
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A million dollar question, are they serious about you? We have all faced that time in life when we don’t know where we exactly stand in someone’s life. It becomes frustrating when it doesn’t escape our minds even for a second when we are with them. Here are 5 things that will finally tell you if they really love you and are in it for life.


This tells a lot about how someone takes the relationship. Relationship is not just about spending time together, it is also about spending time as a couple with others. A person who wants you to be in their life will not hesitate introducing you to their close friends and family. You both are partners in everything and that’s why it is important that people close to you know how serious you are about your partner and how important you are to your partner. Remember, this will happen naturally if they mean for it to be a long term relationship. A man or a woman who hesitates in introducing you to their friends is still confused about the relationship.


A person who sees his/her future in you will definitely start discussing it. Now, that doesn’t always mean marriage, it would be unfair with your partner if you only expect him/her to talk about marriage whenever you both discuss the future. Marriage is the biggest decision of anyone’s life and everyone takes their time to decide. Sometimes, things might be clear in your head and you want the next step to be marriage but at the same time they are not that clear for your partner. Maybe they want a house of their own before they marry you or even a better job, perhaps. Let them take their time but observe if they talk about doing things together, down the line. If they talk about things 3 to 4 years from now, then they surely see this going somewhere.  In short, you will know it yourself through the way they involve you in their future plans.