Signs: How your past relationship might ruin your new relationship

Z Posted 2 years ago
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People destroy many relationships by expecting same things from their new partners as their former did. One have to understand, once you are into new relationship, you cannot lift the burden of your past. There could be reasons for the part where you are unable to move on, in your life and past still haunts you. May be you didn’t give yourself enough time for the recovery from break up. It is a famous saying; “Let it go” because if you didn’t let it go, it may ruin your new encounters to happiness.

You need to have a consistent positive attitude towards past like not totally forgetting things of yesterday but learn from mistakes done there. It is very important to make peace with it, if ’your old partner did let you down’, it is over now and you have to move on to new ventures. You have to make sure that, the person in past is no longer hurting you because that would only pave your way to new relationships.

Let’s keep it simple; forget the past, enjoy the present and move towards the future. And it is better not to daydream about new relationships in your mind but let it unfold with time. Following are the signs which might help you in knowing the answer, is your past still haunting you and how you can deal with it?

1. Stop Comparing now to yesterday:

This could be part of your nature, it may be hard on you, to forget what already has gone and have trust on new people in short times. The real damage comes when you start the comparison of yesterday and present in your relationship. Take the example of food, music – which is definitely going to bring bad memories associated with your old partner. Well, instead of this comparison thing, you can find new things in your partner especially things you like because that will transform your sadness into the happiness.