10 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Giving You What You Deserve

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Am I getting what I deserve out of this relationship? Am I doing enough to stay committed to this relationship? Is this all there is to it?

When you reach that point that you ask questions like these to yourself, it is a sign your relationship might not be fulfilling your needs as you expected it would. It demands looking at your and your partner’s goals, evaluate your intentions and work towards getting what you truly deserve out of your relationship.

When you don’t necessarily feel like you’re getting that, it doesn’t mean you ought to give up completely on the relationships. Such signs, that give you the impression you are not at the receiving end of the line in your relationship, simply indicate to making an effort to figure out how to get what you are worth of and what you actually deserve.

Following are some of these signs:

  1. There’s been a lack of physicality

Wanting to cuddle and hug your partner is a natural thing. It releases the hormone oxytocin – often called the ‘cuddle hormone’ responsible for increasing physical intimacy, released when mothers nurse their infants or basically when two humans touch hence bringing them closer.

So being without it is like being on a crash diet, starving yourself. If there hasn’t been enough touch with your partner, ask for it… without sounding too needy. Fulfilling the physical drive matters just as much as the rest of it.

  1. You feel insecure

If you under the constant fear your partner will leave you or is cheating on you even though there’s proof of neither situations, it is because you feel insecure about the relationship. Being in such a constant state of worry will come in your way to function properly.

Mostly, due to lack of communication, you might not be clear about your partner’s intentions, making you feel insecure. Talk things out with them and gain clearer perspective about their feelings and intentions. Much of our sorrows arise by standing on our own shadow anyway. - Continue reading on next page