The Girl who has always been single may not be easy to love, but she WILL be worth it

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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The girl who has always been single might be difficult to read in the start because she feels unsure of you and unsure of the situation, but please bear with her.

There will be days where she will blow up your phone with all her calls and then days where she won’t even reply to any of your texts. There will be days where she will want to hide completely in your arms and then days where she won’t even want you to touch her. There will be highs and there will be lows. She will give you mixed signals. And she will worry endlessly about all the thoughts that keep running through her mind because she’s the girl who has always been comfortable on her own.

She wants to let herself commit. She wants to open up to you. But a part of her ends up questioning whether you would stay after that. She has stayed happy in being on her own so she is not sure if she should open up, if she should allow herself to feel comfortable, and to leave herself vulnerable to the possibility of you leaving.

She knows how it feels when someone you love walks out on you. She knows how it feels when someone you care about just turns their back the minute things get tough. She knows how it feels when someone leaves because she has ended up feeling this one too many times.

Loving a girl who has always been single might feel like a challenge in the beginning. She has found comfort in all the walls she has built around herself. And she has built a home out of no one but her own self. Because life has taught her that the only person who will always be there for her is HER! 

She has spent a long time just investing in herself. She has spent time investing in building her own happiness and following her own hopes and dreams. And after all this effort, allowing you to enter her life feels scary.

It feels scary because she has been doing things on her own for so long now. When she feels an impossible itch on her back, she has to be the one to scratch it. When she wants something that’s on the highest shelf of her cupboard, she has to stand on a chair and get it herself.

She has mastered the art of living on her own, and you entering her life would completely flip her entire world. And that’s what scares her!

She has thought about love for some time, but this idea always felt so far, so out of her reach. She always felt like love just wasn’t in her deck of cards. But then you came along one day, and it scared the hell out of her. Because as much as she desires some love and as much as she hopes to have you in her life, the only thing that’s scarier to her than you leaving is you staying! She can handle it if you leave. She has already become an expert in picking herself back up and moving on from things. But she just doesn’t know what she would do if you actually decided to stay. - Continue reading on next page