So your partner just cheated on you with their ex, what do you do?

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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Infidelity hurts. Loving someone and then having that love thrown right back in your face because your partner decided to rekindle their former love affair can be one of the most heart rending and traumatic experiences. They say that 'I am sorry' is the most trite, stupid, inadequate phrase in the English language. They may just have it right. Saying you are sorry never quite justifies one's reprehensible actions. But should you simply forgive someone if they apologise, or should you turn your back on them and try to move on with your life? Let us talk about what course of action one should adopt in the case of a partner who's decided to betray your trust and get it on with his/her ex.

1. Don't blame yourself

This is vital. You are not, in any way, to blame for your partner's disloyalty. Infidelity is a choice, and the fact that they made it has nothing to do with you. Several times, cheating partners try to justify their behavior by placing the blame squarely on their partner's shoulders. They may give any excuse for their lack of sincerity and loyalty, several of which may even be related to unhappiness in the relationship. While the fact that they were unhappy in the relationship holds the glimmer of possibility of being true, their cheating on that basis does not. Understand that this has nothing to do with you.