Someday, You’re Going to meet a person and Everything Will finally start to Make Sense

All of the sleepless nights, the painful rejections, the unbearable heartbreaks, the unrequited crushes, and the weak moments that made you doubt love, doubt relationships, and even doubt yourself.

All of it will disappear from your mind the minute you meet this person, the minute they tell you how much they love you, and the minute they wrap you up in their arms, making you think,

This. This is what I had always been waiting for.”

You never even realized it but you were actually waiting. Waiting for them. Waiting for this moment. And waiting for this feeling.

And when you finally find them, your heart will just know.

Your heart will know, because everything about your life will finally start to make sense.

You won’t just be lying on your bed coming up with all the “I don’t know”s or “I’m just not sure about…” and constantly questioning the authenticity of your feelings and emotions. Because this time around, all your feelings will be indisputable. And you will be nothing but sure about the person standing in front of you. You won’t just sit around wondering what true love is supposed to feel like, if the butterflies in your stomach are real, and if it’s actually possible to meet someone and feel your heart and soul say, ”You. You’re the one I was always waiting for.”

Because you will feel all the butterflies. You will feel the passion and excitement fill your entire body. And you will have no other word to describe all of it but ‘love’.

Someday day you’re going to meet a person, and everything will finally start to make sense.

The times when you felt completely defeated and crushed. The times when love was suddenly ripped away from your life, without even a single warning. The times when the people in your life just couldn’t and didn’t love you the way you deserved to be loved. And the times when you felt like you had lost all hope in love, in relationships and in life. All of these times won’t even matter anymore. They won’t keep being a blip on your radar. They won’t keep pulling you back in life. All of those tough times and bad times and hopeless times will start feeling like an extremely distant memory, a memory that doesn’t even come up in your mind anymore. Because all your mind and heart can focus on now is them.

This new person in your life, who can love you so wonderfully and so completely, will be all that matters to you anymore.

Because they can truly love the way you deserve to be loved, the way you always desired. – Continue reading on next page