Someday, you’re going to meet a person who feels just like home

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Someday, you’re going to meet a person who you don’t just think about spending your lonely nights with, but a person who you actually want to wake up next to, a person to share your mornings with.

This person will be different because they’re the only one, who can move past the unbreakable wall you’ve built around yourself, who can look past your exterior and break through all the bullshit you keep selling to the entire world.

They can look you in the eyes and know exactly when you’re lying or hiding something.

They can glance at you for a minute and know exactly what’s on your mind and what you’re feeling before you even begin to say it.

There will be a connection that you just can’t seem to understand, a connection that goes beyond time, space, and reason. And you’ll be happy in knowing that you’ve met someone who can share something as amazing as that with you.

And they will let you enter their world, just like you allowed them to enter yours.

You’ll talk about all the ambitions and dreams that you had never revealed to anyone else before. You’ll open up about the fears and disappointments that you didn’t even know existed. You will reveal all your mistakes and insecurities, only to find comfort in the fact that this one person beside you, will never judge you for any of it. - Continue reading on next page