The 10 Secret Things That Can Make Men Crazy About You

A Posted a year ago
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Here are some secret things that can make men go head-over-heels crazy for you.

Every man will always carry an individuality that they alone can own up to and that no one else can take. While no two men can ever be the same person, there are some universalities that are present among all men. There are common traits and preferences that exist among the male culture and in particular, their preferences when it comes to the ladies. Attraction is such an abstract and complicated subject, but it doesn’t mean we can’t recognize it when it’s there.

There just some general principles that direct attraction between men and women, and these are some trends that we’ve found to make men absolutely crazy about their ladies. Here are some secret things that can make men go head-over-heels crazy for you:

1. Passion

There are few things more attractive than a girl who is passionate about something. Whether it be for an advocacy, her career, a piece of art, or about another person, a passionate woman is someone who exudes zeal and resilience. Men like seeing women who are passionate and driven about various things because they realize they now have a chance to be at the receiving end of such passion.

2. Interest in Sports and Fitness

If you know your way around traditional “man-talk” of football or fitness regimens, then yes, that’s a big turn-on for guys. It shows that you take a genuine interest in their own interests as well, and that you’re also mature enough to take care of your body by keeping feet. An interest in these things will also contribute to your list of conversation topics. Drive him absolutely crazy with a dose of locker room talk.

3. Cooking Skills

We all know the cliché of a woman getting to a man’s heart through his stomach. It’s a cliché because it’s so true. Men will rejoice at the thought of a woman who knows her way around the kitchen and is able to make gourmet meals right at home. Some kitchen know-how will go a long way for women. There are few things that men find sexier than a lady in an apron making breakfast for them after a night together in bed. - Continue reading on the next page