The 3 Questions Women Have After A Breakup- Answered

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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You were MORE than good enough for him.

Your partner has just broken up with you and it feels very unexpected. You feel angry. You feel hurt. And you feel confused. You can’t seem to understand what went wrong. And despite all your best efforts, the only result you got is pain and abandonment.

And to take you mind off this sadness, you’re trying to keep yourself as busy as possible by getting involved with your work and hanging out with your best friends. But the minute you’re alone, the minute you get free from all the distractions of life, your mind starts to wonder again. It starts to drive you crazy with all the questions he has left unanswered, and you wind up feeling terrible.

  • Why couldn’t he acknowledge all my efforts?
  • Why was I not good enough for him?
  • Could things have turned out better if I had done some things differently?

I know how you’re feeling. I have been in this exact same position, asking myself these same questions. And not having the answers to these questions kept me trapped in a continuous loop where I believed and hoped that one day, he would want me back.

It’s completely natural to ask all these questions when you’ve been hurt. But the reality is that open-ended questions can never give us the closure we keep looking for or even the peace to move on with or life. Instead, they just trap us in a cycle of doubt, self-loathing, and resentment.

Let’s try to answer each one of these questions so we can finally put them to rest:

  1. Why couldn’t he acknowledge all my efforts?

The main problem here is that you were always looking for some external validation instead of trying to find it within. It’s almost as if you kept experiencing your own existence through his eyes only, instead of discovering the power and strength within you through your own eyes. If you kept seeking validation from your boyfriend, it’s possible that might have come across as clingy, needy and overly dependent.

Very often, this kind of behavior is bound to push people away. Everyone wants to breathe. Everyone wants to feel free. Everyone needs space. And everyone wants their needs met. And placing all your power in your boyfriend’s hands trapped you in a fruitless search for acceptance and validation. And it pushed him away when he wasn’t able to meet all your unrealistic needs.

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When you truly start to love and acknowledge your own existence, people will start to acknowledge you as well. If you are still asking yourself the above question, then one thing that probably happened in your relationship was that you traded all your power and strength for the thing you wanted most- love. And this can never be a good idea. - Continue reading on next page