The 5 Things That Men Look For In Women

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A real man wants compatibility and intelligence. You don’t necessarily have to bend over backwards to change yourself in order to get the guy that you want. It’s not worth it.

It can be difficult to generalize. The male species is an incredibly diverse and complicated one. Each man will have their own personal preferences when it comes to choosing their mate. Some men might not even be interested in getting into relationships at all. It can vary, and that variation tends to confuse women as to how they can win men over. A lot of times, fickle men can really add to the confusion. Ladies, please be patient with us. We know we’re very flawed and complicated people. It can take quite a substantial amount of time and effort to understand us, but we promise that once we do feel like we’re ready to give you our love, you will be loved no matter what. We are also gentle and sensitive beings who are finding our way through this world.

You don’t necessarily have to bend over backwards to change yourself in order to get the guy that you want. It’s not worth it. You should find a love that is natural and organic to you. However, if you want to increase your chances in landing the right guy, there are some universal principles that hold true for every man. Yes, it’s true. Each man will have very specific preferences when it comes to liking women, but there are some general traits in girls that most (if not all) men will certainly find attractive. Here are the top 5 things that men look for in women:

1. Men Want Women Who Are Independent

Independence can mean many things so let’s break it down. Men like women who can stand on their own two feet and aren’t afraid of fighting for what they want. The world is shifting and women are gaining more and more opportunities than ever before. It’s no longer weird for a woman to be the top-earner in a family and that’s cool. Men like women who are able to formulate their own thoughts, and those who don’t have to rely on other people in order to determine what they want to get out of life. Men like women who are motivated and are hardworking. Show a man that you are perfectly capable of standing your ground all by yourself and you’ll win him over.

2. Men Look For Intelligent Women

Intellect is a scarce resource these days and so when a man chances upon a woman who can challenge him intellectually, he’s instantly attracted to her. Smart men in particular like women who can carry conversations about deep and complex topics. It also helps if you’re a well-read woman who can quote a few dead authors every now and then. Knowledge of literature, politics, science, technology, and arts can come in handy when trying to win a man’s heart. For a man, getting a smart girlfriend means he’ll never be bored and that he’ll always be challenged to also be a better version of himself. - Continue reading on the next page