The 6 types of relationships: which one is yours?

A Posted 2 years ago
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When we talk about "love" and "relationships", we are talking about a whole different medium. Each one of us is different from the other, likewise, we have a lot of different kinds of relationships. It basically depends on how two people co-exist with each other and how they understand each other. There are both good and bad types of relationships. You might have had a bad relationship in the past and you could be in a good relationship now, it's all about the way we are with each other. In this article, I'm going to talk about the six most basic types of relationships, yours is also on the list. Let's begin.

6. The "Growth" Relationship

This is one of the good kinds of relationships. This is when two people are so involved in each other that they start helping each other grow. By grow, I mean emotionally and mentally. Emotional growth is a huge part of our lives, we don't move forward in the world without having emotional maturity, and "Growth Relationships" actually boost this a lot. This is when the two of you take part in each other's lives more than usual, when you help each other achieve your goals and reach a certain point in life. When you strengthen each other to be as strong as you wanted to be. When you motivate each other beyond any limits. If your relationship is this one, you're a very lucky person, please take extra care of that relationship.

5. The "Comfortable Silence" Relationship

This is also one of the good kinds of relationships. This is when two people are so emotionally attached and comfortable with each other that they can sit in silence with one another without a worry in the world. Achieving "comfortable silence" is a very difficult task, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve. Imagine you're sitting with your partner, just sitting, not talking at all and just being there with each other, how do you feel about it? If you feel natural then you're in a "Comfortable Silence Relationship" and I congratulate you on having one of the most emotionally stable relationships in the world.