The 7 Things Every Guy Desires in a Relationship

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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And no, sex isn't one of them.

How often does your boyfriend make an effort to discuss the emotional and physical needs he wants fulfilled through this relationship? I’m sure that most of the answers to this question will range from rarely to never. Whether it’s because of the way our society has conditioned them or just due to their simple inability to communicate properly, the fact remains that guys are usually reluctant in sharing their feelings and talking openly about their needs.

So in a situation where their girlfriend fails to fulfil these needs (because she can’t possibly be a mind-reader), these guys just continue to suffer and bear things silently, till the point where it becomes completely unacceptable and they break up suddenly, leaving their partner shocked and confused.

So for all the girls out there who long for some clarity on what exactly their partner needs from them and all the guys out there who just can’t seem to figure out why their relationship fails to make them feel happy or complete, read on to find out the 7 things every guy desires in a relationship. Time to put a stop to all the constant bickering, the pointless arguments, and unnecessary fights!

1. Respect

It’s strange how respect is usually the one thing that most people in the world refuse to compromise on for themselves, and yet we forget to provide it to others. If you truly respect your partner, he will view it as a sign of true love and acceptance. And in turn, he will wholeheartedly return the respect that you give him.

On the other hand, if you constantly make him feel like you disapprove of his personality, his job, his beliefs, his family or anything that’s an integral part of who he truly is, he will not be able to trust you or even to love you completely. And it’s likely that this constant lack of respect will make him want to get away from you and your negativity. - Continue reading on next page