The difference between falling in love and actually loving someone

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Love- All of us grow up with different perceptions of what this phenomenon really is. We pick up bits and pieces from all those romantic movies, those sappy songs, and all the age-old love stories to form an expectation of what this ‘love’ might entail. Some of us believe it to be a source of unlimited happiness and joy for us. Some of us just long for the passion and excitement that love is bound to bring. And some of us just want to experience a complete fairytale, just like the one in the movies.

Whatever our expectations and theories about love may be, we all share one thought in common initially: That love is only about us, about finding our own joy, about making our own life better. And we tend to ignore the fact that for love to be truly beautiful, it NEEDS to be selfless. We need to think more about what we can give rather than about what we can take from it. Only then do we enter the possibility of finding our own fairytale, of making our life eternally happy, and of truly finding ‘the one’.

The journey from this initial selfishness towards true and selfless love is reflected in the differences between ‘falling in love’ and actually ‘loving someone’. Read ahead to find out whether your perceptions about love are at the initial stages or have evolved towards something more mature and meaningful:

Falling in love

You meet someone. You like them. You go on a few dates together. You get to know them better. And with every meeting, you start to like them even more. You find yourself thinking about them day and night. They’ve even managed to make appearances in your dreams. The thoughts of their beautiful smile, the way they tell you their stories with so much passion in their eyes, the way they tease you and laugh it off mischievously, the way they make your heart pound faster every time they move an inch closer, all of it has consumed your mind. *Continue reading on next page*