The Kind of Girlfriend He Wants Based on His Zodiac Sign

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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The stars in our constellations constantly determine how our lives should be or will be shaped. They tell us how every Virgo at every different location will have a day somewhat close to good and how every Leo in every different location will have to have a somewhat grumpy week. Horoscope is to help you know your life better, so that you see it coming and do better.

With your love life on the plate, it works the same way. You have not decided what kind of girl would you love to have in your life? Find your sign down here and help yourself finding a woman of just the right ways for you.

  1. Aries:

An Aries man is the adventurous kind so his expectations from the woman he dates would be somewhat the same. Although opposites attract too but everything is two times better if you get exactly what you want. An Aries man’s personality will be complemented by a woman of the same disposition: spontaneous go-outs and mischievous personality, one who gets bored sitting at home for more than an hour and is crazy about exploring.

She, just like him, wants to see the many unseen and unknown things in the world. He basically needs a partner in crime. Imagine a duo of crazy people who love each other for their sameness in a different way, how cool would that be?

  1. Taurus:

For a Taurus man, life is about being stable and comfortable. He likes to be around honest, untangled people who know what is going on in their lives and have everything planned out. He would want the same from his girlfriend/wife. He wants reliability from everything and cannot bear spontaneity very much. So a Taurus man will probably look for a woman who is reliable and keeps her word because he does not like to go off track in his dealings.

He does not want anyone to clean up his mess, he only wants someone to accompany him while they both clean their own mess and have a good time. For him, love is simple and he wants someone who sees love from the same lens.

  1. Gemini:

Gemini men tend to see life from a different angle; they are not the all-the-time adventure kind of people but they do like to be excited about small things just so life is a little better. A Gemini man does not ask for too much, just someone who can make little things funny and improve the quality of life by looking at things from a broader angle.

Negativity is absolutely not his things and when he does have shaky ideas, he needs someone of the same disposition as him to remind him of all the goodness in the world. If you are a woman and wondering how you can make your Gemini man like you, just be like him: try to cheer up to do small things since they make a difference in his life. - Continue reading on the next page