The Kind of Man You Deserve Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This is a pretty spot-on read!

You must already know what you want in and from the man of your dreams, how you want him to be; funny, loyal and loving etc. And you also know that finding such a man is like trying to do the impossible. What you don’t know is the type of man you deserve and we can help you with that using astrology. Even if you are not a big time believer of astrology, you must have seen some signs of a personality like your own in the list defined by astrology and felt relatable, maybe only a little.

Read on, don’t feel guilty, to really know the kind of man your star sign deserves to know what you are exactly looking for.

  1. Aries:

As an Aries, you deserve an intellectual man. Aries women are fiercely independent. Everything has to make sense to them and logic is like a vital component is every aspect for life. They do nothing imbalance their lives and only love rarely, when their hearts clicks with someone else’s. You would know this better than anyone if you are an Aries yourself. Falling in love is a different matter but the major trait in the man you deserve to be with is his intelligence. Does he think before speaking and acting? Does he give in to non-sense unlike you? Does he stand up to justify your acts that are completely in favor of the truth or favors the opposite? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself if you are an Aries woman before showing interest in him.

  1. Taurus:

As a Taurus woman, you need a man who is just as indulgent as you. Taurus women are passionate about almost everything; whatever they put their mind to gets down soon enough. In relationships, you stay loyal and active and you deserve the same from your partner. You need him to be strong-willed and equally interested. If you are committed to make it work, you deserve someone who helps you do it, someone who is willing to go through life with you and enjoy it throughout.

To a Taurus woman, no one is more attractive than the man who knows what he is doing. Therefore you deserve a guy who is aware of his surroundings and knows his previous, current and next steps in life. If not then it can be a little difficult for you to compromise. – Continue reading on the next page