"The Lessons I've Learned" - My Story On Trust

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My First Love

It was the middle of my first year at med-school when I first saw her. We'll call her "M" for the sake of anonymity. She was beautiful, she was also a senior so I had no idea how to look cool or appropriate enough to talk to her. After a lot of talking to myself in the mirror, I finally got the courage to be the coolest junior in college (just kidding, I wussed out and asked her for some of her medicine notes). She found me really funny, we became friends. That's when I first got to experience the feeling of love, the butterflies in the stomach, the enormous amount of importance someone finally gets in your life, the "I can't live without her" constantly ringing in my head. So after three months of being good friends, I whipped up the courage to tell her how I feel and to my surprise she told me she felt the same way. I can not even begin to explain how I felt at that moment, it was beautiful. Sounds like a cute love story, right? Keep reading.