THE marriage advice from a man who just got divorced

A Posted 2 years ago
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You might think that he wouldn’t be the best person to give marriage advice considering his 16-year long marriage came to an end. But very often, your worst mistakes become your best teachers. Since people are always in need of advice to better their marriage, let’s look at the wisdom this guy has to share;

  1. Never stop dating

Now that you’ve been married doesn’t mean you’re allowed to take her for granted. Make her feel wanted. Keep doing what you did to win her over. If you love her, never fail to show it.

  1. Love yourself first

Loving yourself will teach you how exactly you should love your better half. And only when you love yourself enough, can you focus on other things and people. However, she deserves a special place in your heart, which is exclusively for her, and you shouldn’t allow anyone to take her place.

  1. Keep falling in love over and over again, with each other

Life changes constantly and people have to mould themselves accordingly. Change being the only constant, is a little difficult to deal with when it comes to people. You’re going to be a very different person from who you are now in a couple of years. Make her fall in love with the new you, if you want to keep her around.

  1. Focus on the good

She isn’t going to be perfect, but neither are you. Don’t make it feel like you two are settling for each other. Rather concentrate on the good so much, that it outweighs all that you find bothersome. You only find what you go looking for. So if you’re nit picking for flaws, that’s all you’d ever be able to see. So choose wisely. There’s always a little good in everyone, and you fell in love with her for a reason; never forget that reason. - Continue reading on next page