The One thing someone who truly loves you needs In return

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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The only thing someone who truly loves you will want is the gift of your complete and actual presence. And this gift of some face-to-face human interaction is actually theirs by right.

It’s true that no amount of distance, no boundaries, and no time differences can seem to keep anyone from feeling closer to people all around the world- all thanks to the technological advances of today! But the paradox here is that this same technology has played a part in taking us further away from the people who are right there with us, the people who are in close physical proximity, and the people who give us company as we remain indulged in our smartphones and tablets.

In other words, this technology brings you much closer to that guy you knew in middle school and that girl you took some guitar lessons with two years back, but it subtly takes you further away from your partner when you reject their idea of going for some drinks at the local bar. You would much rather stay at home and have a Skype session with your buddy from across the globe, or download the newest episode of your favorite series, or aimlessly scroll through your Facebook newsfeed for hours on end.  


It’s completely possible to hug your smartphone or your laptop, just like you hug a tree or another human being. However, hugging these forms of technology won’t exactly come with the same endorphin-releasing benefits that come with giving an actual person a hug. In addition to this, I think we can all agree on the fact that it is always much easier to understand another person when they’re right in front of you- tone of voice, mood detection, expressions, body language, and lies! In contrast to this, when you’re communicating through phone calls and specially through a messaging app like Whatsapp/iMessage or anything of the sort, things can end up getting extremely misconstrued. And this can cause tempers to flare up in just an instant.

Stay alert for autocorrect- some romantic relationships I’ve known have ended with a simple autocorrect misunderstanding. And I think we all know the horror you face when you realize you’ve sent a very personal message to a very wrong person. Then come the various Emojis, which started off with simple yellow faces depicting happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger. And now, they’ve escalated to symbols, specific hand gestures, and even flags! If you’ve ever had the chance to look up the Emojipedia, you would know that there are about 1394 normal Emojis, 435 modified Emojis, and 22 sequences existing in the tech-savvy world today. And ironically enough, all of these Emojis are usually used by people without any true emotions attached to them. They are merely a means of avoiding an actual conversation in most cases.

If we look at all the human interactions around us, a face to face connection can be seen as the equivalent of using and elevator while a technological connection seems like the equivalent of taking the stairs. Sure, you can always electronically start off or pick up from where you left off but after some time, this connection must be translated into physical presence and intimacy. A long distance relationship can be the perfect example here.

According to statistics, an LDR is more prone to a breakup than a normal relationship. On average, it takes about four and a half months before an LDR couple splits up and around 40% of all LDRs ultimately end in breakups. This is because the end goal of any LDR is to meet each other at one point, and with a generally specified timeframe. When an LDR couple fails to do so, it becomes difficult to maintain their relationship through just a phone/laptop screen.

And now the most obvious question on everyone’s mind- is our presence really the only thing our lover wants? Don’t they expect gifts or some sort of monetary spending on them? When the love is real and pure, things like these will never matter to your partner. Sure, they might make your partner happy but it’s not something they expect or truly desire out of this relationship. A gift can never possibly replace the basic emotional and spiritual ties you share with your other half. All they can do is act as supplements to the actual bond.

True love is always measured in terms of the time you spend together and the memories you make with this amazing person right in front of you. Technology can be your back up plan for when you don’t have anything else to do. It can act as a substitute in the times when your partner is busy. But it should never act as your first priority!

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