The Real Reason She Lost Interest In You (And It’s Not What You Think)

A Posted 10 months ago
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Here's the real reason behind her losing interest in you (and it's not what you think)

1. She had a difficult time figuring you out.

You can be such an enigma at times, and it can really frustrate the hell out of a person. One minute you were warm, and the next you were cold. One day you loved her with all your heart, and on the next day she just got on your nerves.

You have a very sporadic personality and it can be difficult for someone to find patterns in how you react to things. You are very timid and quiet. You don’t like expressing yourself too often and that makes you all the more difficult to figure out. No one ever knows what’s on your mind, and she never figured out how to make you a happier boyfriend. You always choose to retreat into your shell, and you find it incredibly difficult for yourself to let other people in all the way.

2. She knew that things were headed downhill.

She’s been around the block before. She’s had her fair share of troubled experiences with relationships and she saw the signs early on even though you were oblivious to them. She could see where you were headed and she wanted to cut her losses while she could. She knew that things were far from perfect when it came to your relationship, and that your union was probably beyond saving.

It’s not that she lost interest in you or that she stopped loving you; it’s just she knew that your relationship just wasn’t meant to be during that particular time. It may have even hurt her to leave you, but that’s the sad reality of relationships sometimes. It’s not always going to be perfect, and it maybe in the best interests of the people involved to just move on from bad relationships.- Continue reading on the next page