The Reason You’re Still Single Based On The Month You Were Born

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You have a very peculiar approach to love and relationships. Typically speaking, you march to the beat of your own drum. You make decisions about your life based on what you want and how you think. You never let the opinions of others bring you down. But when it comes to choosing a mate, you care too much about how people are going to see your relationship from the outside.


You are a very energetic and witty person. It isn’t at all difficult for you to get people to like you. It’s just that when you feel that people are starting to get a little too attached to you, you get very intimidated. You then withdraw into your little cocoon and act very uncharacteristically so as to turn people off to the idea of getting closer to you.


Are you a robot? Because that’s what it feels like whenever you feel yourself approaching a loving relationship. Yes, you are a very smart and intellectual person. But sometimes, you have a tendency to overthink. Remember that a huge part of falling in love is just that – falling. When you fall, you let go of all control and you just let your emotions lead the way.

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