The story of one divorce which never took place: A Heart throbbing tale

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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God has His own ways to keep the people together who love each other for as long as He wants. We come across so many stories of people who loved each other dearly but fate had planned something else for them. I came across such a story that tore my heart but made me realize how valuable relations are in our life and how much we neglect them. We will not reveal the real names due to privacy issues:

For months their marriage had been dying. They both knew about it yet they remained silent until that one night. He came home and on the table where she served him dinner, he held her hand and said the words.

I have to say something to you

She knew this was coming. She knew the day had finally arrived yet she did not say a word and remained quiet. He saw the tears welling in her eyes but he had to do this. For himself. For Jane. Jane was so young and so beautiful and she could give him the exciting life he always wanted. He had lost his body and soul to her. He started talking about getting a divorce calmly and told her how he could not live with her anymore. She listened and then just asked why he wanted a divorce. He could not tell her. She grew angry and left the dining table saying that he was a not a man!

He did not make an attempt to talk to her that night, neither did she. She kept crying softly into the pillow and he waited for the gloomy night to be over. He knew that all she wanted was an answer to her questions but he could not give them to her. He could not tell her how much he loved Jane. He could not tell her how he did not love her anymore. So he just laid there, listening to her sobs and trying to sleep.

The next day, he drafted a divorce document in which he had named the house and the car to his wife and she also owned 30% of his company. In other words, he was leaving her everything which could keep her financially stable for a very long time. When she saw the document, rage took over and she tore it into pieces. That was the moment she realized that her 10 year long marriage had finally come to an end. He felt bad for her because she literally gave all of her energy to this marriage and their son in these 10 years and he could not give that back to her anymore because of Jane. She could not control it anymore and started crying loudly in front of him. Her cry actually made him feel liberated and he felt that he did the right thing to release this woman from the vows of wedding because what he was doing to her was worse.

Their divorce had yet not been finalized. The next day when he arrived home, he saw her writing something on a paper. He did not pay much attention and she did not greet him either. He went straight to their room and fell asleep immediately because he was tired from a well-spent day with Jane. When he woke up a few moments later, she was still writing. He fell asleep without paying attention. *Continue reading to the next page*