The Strongest Girls are also girls who feel broken inside

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
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She is strong because she is still here. And she is still surviving after all the cruelty this world has shown her!

Have you ever met that girl- the one who always has the brightest smile on her face, the one whose spirit can never be broken no matter what obstacles life throws in her way, the one who always seems to have every single thing in control? Yes, I’m talking about the girl who seems to be capable of handling absolutely anything in life- whether it’s heart break inflicted on her by the guy she loved deeply, or the end of a friendship with someone she had given her all to, or even a fight between her parents that leaves her family even more dysfunctional than before.

You can try to hurt her. You can try to break her spirit. You can try to mess with her emotions. And you can try to make each passing day harder for her. But no matter what, she will still fake a smile. She will hold her head high. And she will keep moving forward with her life. She will act like nothing has happened. She will act like everything around her is perfectly okay. And she will act like her heart is made of stone.

To the world around her, she appears to be the strongest girl. But that’s not how she feels inside. There are days when she starts to feel guilty about living this lie. She starts to wonder if the world has started to give her more credit than she actually deserves. She starts to feel anxious at the thought of people discovering the reality of her life.

The people around her think she’s strong. They think she’s unbreakable. They think she’s invincible. But that’s only because they have witnessed just one side of her. They have seen her during the day, when she manages to put up an act, when she gathers enough energy to keep pretending. But they haven’t seen her at night, when she’s alone in her bed, holding on to her pillow, tired and lonely after all the problems she has faced.

She won’t ever reveal her vulnerable side to you or to anyone else in the world.

When she feels the urge to start crying, she will push away all her tears until everyone is gone, until she finds a chance to run to the bathroom and let the water works out. When she starts to feel upset, she will come up with an excuse to cancel all her plans so that no one can catch her having a bad day. And when she starts to completely break down, she won’t text any of her friends or post about it on her social media accounts. She will choose to keep her emotions to herself, to deal with her problems on her own, to keep suffering in silence!

And it’s not because her friends are bad people or that they’re not willing to listen. It’s just that she doesn’t see any point in sharing all her sadness with them. After all, she is considered the funny one in their group. The one who always has the brightest smile on her face. The one who has solutions to every problem they face. Her friends are the ones who come to her with all their concerns. They always expect her to know what’s right. They expect her to always be in control of every situation. - Continue reading on the next page