The top 10 ways to make your girlfriend happy

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Making a woman happy isn't rocket science.

If you’re in a relationship, if you’ve decided to invest your time and efforts into this one person in your life and if you really feel that this girl right here could be the one for you, keeping her happy should be one of your top priorities right now.

If you hadn’t thought about how you’re going to do it yet, then don’t panic. We’re here to save you. Read on to know the top 10 ways to make your girl happy, coming from a girl:

1. Just listen to her

    “He never listens to anything I say!”

    It’s actually ridiculous how many times I’ve heard girls complaining about this one thing. I’m sure all the guys out there are well aware of this by now as well so why don’t you just do something to make this one simple complaint go? Trust me, it’s not that hard. Just begin by asking about her day and her feelings in general. And stay alert when she talks. Maintain eye contact. Don’t cut her off. And listen to the stories that she’s excited about, the things that have been bothering her, the new people she met in her office today.

    She wants someone to talk to and if you can’t be that someone for her, it won’t be long before she finds someone else, someone who’s actually interested in whatever she has to say.

    2. Be thoughtful with the gifts you give her

      She doesn’t want you to hand her your credit card and ask her to go buy whatever she desires for her birthday. She’s perfectly capable of doing that herself. Put some thought and time into the gifts you give. Give her something that makes her feel special, something that has meaning to her and something that no one else could have thought of. It can be a box filled with a 100 reasons why you love her.

      It could be a mixed CD of all the songs that you listened to and loved together. Or it could be that necklace you saw her admiring a few weeks ago- the one she wanted to get but postponed it for later. - Continue reading on next page

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