The Two Guys Of RR

As you all know, very well by now, Relationship Rules was created by two guys back in October, 2012. For a long time, people used to think men could not be this sensitive or thoughtful, we wanted to break the stereotype. After the page went super viral, we decided to stay anonymous. For our fans (the RR Family) we are known as “A” and “Z”. The images below are vector representations of us. Here’s more about us.

The Two Founders

382374_10151637040616151_1786449441_nHello, everyone. I’m “A”, a 25-year-old webdeveloper, designer and writer. “Z” called me up when I was on vacation in India (beautiful country) and he told me we are launching this small Facebook page to help people in relationships and those who aren’t in one yet. I loved the idea and designed the logo and “Rule Cards” and here we are. I never thought we would ever cross the ten thousand number, so I was as surprised as “Z” when we reached a million in a very short time. That made me realize the power of love and the people. Both “Z” and I then invested all of our time in writing and helping out our amazing fans.

I wrote my life’s story on “Trust” for you guys, if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

If you want to reach out to me, you can email me at –


960219_310543165744438_593344336_nHey guys, I’m “Z”. I’m 26 years old, love marketing and everything involved in that field of work. I thought of the idea of making this page because there wasn’t any good relationships page on Facebook, plus I’ve always wanted to do some serious marketing. I reached out to “A” in October, 2012 with this idea and like every other idea I think of, he loved this one too. Started from humble beginnings, now we are over 6 million strong, it still feels pretty surreal and amazing when I think about it.

I love my lady a little too much and I guess that’s one thing “A” and I have in common more than other things, we respect our ladies and that’s where the rules come from and that’s where some guys call us “lame” and “unmanly”, but we are fine with that because we love who we are. If you guys haven’t read my story on “Faith”, check it out here.

If you guys want to reach out to me, email me at –