The Worst and Best Traits of All Zodiac Signs

Our zodiac signs say a lot about our personalities and our behavior, in general. Our habits and traits are all defined by our stars in a particular way that help us understand ourselves or get to know people better, based on their signs. These traits that are defined by our stars can be both, good and bad, attractive and ugly.

It is always fun to know people before actually being involved with them and is a really amazing thing to know about the things they will react nicely or harshly to before presenting it to them. Therefore, let’s see what things make what signs happy and what angers them i.e. their good traits and bad ones.

  1. Aries:

The good trait of an Aries person is their optimistic nature. Their view of life is that of a bright yet cloudy morning that makes one feel content making them forget all that was going wrong the minute before. They can be unbelievably optimistic sometimes, everything in their life would be jumping off its place and you will see them sitting in a corner enjoying a cup of coffee, sure as heaven about their plans to make everything right. That makes them an ultimate source of inspiration.

The bad trait of an Aries is their short temper. They tend to dismiss negative vibes as much as they can but when the limit is crossed, they might show you the most violent outburst ever. They are usually positive people but what’s wrong cannot be treated lightly by them.

  1. Taurus:

The good trait about Taurus people is that they are loyal. They might even be the most loyal people you will ever come across as they never leave the side of someone they once promised their company to. Breaking promises is an act not known by them; although they do have massive self-respect yet it takes more than one moments of realization to finally leave someone’s side and shift their loyalties.

The bad trait of a Taurus is that they can be highly self-indulgent. They are fond of spending me-time and not just a considerable amount of it but a hell lot of me-time is the food for their soul. They do like to socialize but never at the cost of their personal appointments so you should keep it in mind to never disturb a Taurus when they are indulged in themselves. – Continue reading on next page